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Super City Card Game Now On Kicktarter!

February, 2016

It's here! Super City has officially launched on Kickstarter! The long awaited card game of supers, villains, sidekicks and secret agendas is ready at last, and you can get in on the ground floor and help us bring it to life. Special Powers, Breaking News and the ever popular, super innovative News Crew keep you playing over and over and make it ideal for any collection. Chock full of superhero goodness and great for groups of all ages. The Kickstarter features promo goodies, a game board, props and more - check out the official Super City Kickstarter site for how to get on board!

Horror Rules Mini-Con at Central City Comic Con October 14-16, 2016

January, 2016

The Horror Rules Mini-Con is BACK... again! Everyone's favorite horror-comedy-mini-con will return in full force... in proud partnership with (and grandly hosted by) the Central City Comic Con! Featuring the same crazy combination of RPG's, board games, card games, contests, prizes and more - and now backed up by Central Washington's premiere comic and nerd-con - this one promises to be the biggest and deadest EVER! Check the Mini-Con page or Central City Comic Con's Website for details and announcements... coming soon!