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More to Come!

Check back for more Characters, backstories, bios and teasers on upcoming characters in the Graveyard Shift series! The town of Las Calamas is constantly growing, with more new arrivals and strange citizens popping up when you least expect it. It's just like a typical evening at the good ol' 24/7 mini-mart - you never know who is gonna walk through that door...

Meet the Gang

As everyone in the field will tell you, it's just never a good idea to battle the forces of supernatural evil by yourself. Always have people on hand you can trust, no matter how eccentric, wacky, bizarre or unusual they may be. When you need someone at your back, you can't be picky. So meet the 24/7 Gang - loyal friends, dedicated battlers of the supernatural and frequent mini-mart customers.

Carson Dudley

Carson Dudley

The Leader

  • Night clerk at the 24/7 mini-mart
  • Laid back, easygoing, everyone's friend
  • Likes corn dogs and video games
  • Lives with his Granny
  • Possesses a mysterious destiny(?!)
Kiki Masterson

Kiki Masterson

The Techie

  • Student at Las Calamas Community College, IT program
  • Smart, loner
  • Likes analyzing things, taking them apart
  • Has a shady past and criminal connections
    Officer Dexter Jackson

    Officer Dexter Jackson

    The Muscle

  • Security guard, Gold Shield Security Co.
  • Bitter, mean and cynical
  • Likes: 50's music, hurting things, Twinkies
  • Haunted by a terrible tragedy from his past
  • Sister Becky Bischoff

    Sister Becky Bischoff

    The Spiritual Warrior

  • Licensed and practicing nun, senior member of the group
  • Calm, wise, pious
  • Likes prayer and spicy beef jerky
  • Has serious anger management issues
  • Suspects the truth about Las Calamas' shady, sinsiter secrets