"...a fast paced, action packed, hilariously dark trip down a satire filled back alley!"
--Jamie Looney, San Diego, CA

"You can't stop reading it..."
--Indiependent Books"

"A tongue-n-cheek, occasionally irreverent, explosive read."
--Dr. Richard Herron, Academy of Historical Arts and Sciences

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Midnight Snack: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley Book 1

Something's Got the Munchies...

Working the night shift at the neighborhood 24/7, Carson Dudley has seen his share of weird - but never the kind that tries to kill you, drain all your blood and stuff your body in a dumpster. Something has moved into the neighborhood and is turning latenight snackers into latenight snacks, leaving a bloody trail of bodies through the quiet, peaceful seaside city of Las Calamas. With his trusty baseball bat and an unlikely collection of would-be battlers of the supernatural - a techie co-ed with a shady past, a trigger-happy rent-a-cop and an aging nun with anger management issues - it's up to Carson to uncover the evil that threatens his beloved mini-mart and put it down once and for all... before he becomes the next midnight snack!

The first book in a decidedly different horror comedy series about a guy, his baseball bat, and things that go bump in the night: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley!

In an ordinary ciy...
In an ordinary neighborhood...
In an ordinary store...
For an ordinary clerk...
Things are about to get freakin' nuts!

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