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Crucifiction Games Press - More Than Just Some Company That Makes Horror-Comedy Games!

Now we make horror-comedy NOVELS, too! Jump into a world of lurking terrors, pulse-pounding tension, chili-cheese nachos and the occasional corn dog with our brand new line of fiction. If you like our games (or are terrified, mortified, traumatized or otherwise adversely affected) then you'll feel the same about our books!

Graveyard Shift: The Adventures of Carson Dudley

Inspired by Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game and jammed to the gills with just as much suspense, edge-of-your-seet action and supernatural thrills and chills as the five-star RPG, this series is must-read for those who like their horror with a twist. Follow the adventures of average, everyday, regular Joe convenience store clerk Carson Dudley as he battles his way through one supernatural encounter after another... and still finds time to mop the floors! Backed by the strangest assortment of customers to ever grace a mini-mart doorway, Carson has taken up the mantle of protector of Las Calamas, standing in the face of one of the darkest and most sinister threats the city has ever faced - the Curio Shop! In an ordinary city, in an ordinary neighborhood, in an ordinary store, for an ordinary clerk... things are about to get freakin' nuts!

Book One: Midnight Snack

Book Two: Another Rotten Night