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THE LATEST BUZZ: "Parts: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley, Book 3" is Now Available on Kickstarter!

October, 2014

It's official - the "Parts" Kickstarter has launched! Get on board NOW for below retail copies, cool stuff, your input for the story and a chance to be in the book! But hurry - the campaign ends Nov 16th...

THE LATEST BUZZ: Chris Weedin to Kickstart "Parts: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley, Book 3

September, 2014

Halloween is coming and so is Book 3 in Chris Weedin's Graveyard Shift series! The long awaited (hey, he's busy!) followup to the zombie-bustin' horror-comedy romp "Another Rotten Night", "Parts" takes up the tale of Carson Dudley and Company on the threshold of the Curio Shop - can you say "throwdown?!" Look for details, teasers, interviews, blog posts, contests and (sheesh, if that ain't enough!) sample chapters and more details on the Kickstarter project soon! The project launches officially on October 17th, 2014. Look for updates and sundry on Last Writes, the Official Chris Weedin Blog or even right here! You never know where Carson Dudley will pop up next... but it's bound to be a baseball-bat swingin', corn-dog munchin', monster-bustin' good time!

THE LATEST BUZZ: The Zompocalypse is Here

April 8, 2013

Grab your ammo and lock the doors - the wait is over! Relentless, the Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage (and Lots and Lots of Shooting) is finally here! At long long last, it's time to unleash the hordes on the hapless, unwitting town of Pittsville and let the race to escape begin! Can you fix the jeep before the zombies overrun you? Or better yet, can you shut off the survivor's last escape route before they get outta town?! There's only one way to find out... and that's by playing Crucifiction Games latest nail-biting, bullets flying, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat zombies vs. humans card game! Check out the full details on the Relentless page and pick up your copy today - while there's still time...


March 24-25, 2013

Crucifiction Games rocked the gaming tables at GameStorm 15 in Vancouver, WA for two cram-packed days of gaming madness. Thanks to all who came out and supported us! We debuted Relentless, the Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage (and Lots and Lots of Shooting) to screams of horror and destruction (all in-game... okay, MOST in-game), traumatized some Players in Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible RPG and unleashed "The Gospel According to Blackbeard" for the Sunday morning Non-Denominational Christian LARP (always an amazing adventure). Oh, yeah, and if you don't believe us, check out the Chris Weedin interview featured in the Columbian. Dude, we're in the paper!

THE LATEST BUZZ: Relentless is Funded on Kickstarter!

December 12, 2012

A HUGE thanks to everyone who backed the project and got the Zompocalypse off to a flying (screaming, shooting, running, drooling) start! Look for the game to ship in first quarter 2013 - advance copies plus swanky promo cards to all who backed us, and the game proper to follow for all the rest of the brain-hungering public in gaming stores after that. Wanna know what all the fuss is about? Check out the *OFFICIAL* Relentless page for details, sample cards, rules, card list, vids and more!

THE LATEST BUZZ: Horror Rules Mini-Con 2012

October 27, 2012

Another rousing success - meaning lots of screaming, random insanities, wild panic, terror, arm-waving, running around and dying. The 8th Annual HR Mini-Con is done and over, with fun had by all. With its Supers theme, great new location and growing interest, this one day game convention in Yakima, WA was one to remember... except for those who were terrorized into amnesia. For them, it might not be so hot.

THE LATEST BUZZ: Relentless Now On Kickstarter!

October 17, 2012

It's "The Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage and Lots and Lots of Shoooting" - RELENTLESS! And it's now on Kickstarter (for a limited time only)! Check out the hilarious promo video, pick your pledge and join the fun! Get free stuff, cool Kickstarter-only perks and help us rack up some amazing stretch goal prizes for ALL supporters... including NEW ZOMBIES, FREE SHIPPING, WEB COMIC and more!

The Latest Buzz: Relentless Kickstarter Set To Begin October 15th!

September 10, 2012

Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere zombies...! And we couldn't be happier. Building on the Zompocalyptic fun and success of Chris Weedin's novel Another Rotten Night, Crucifiction Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Relentless, the card game of non-stop zombie carnage and lots and lots of shooting. And we're doin' it in Kickstarter style! Check out the *OFFICIAL* Relentless page for details, sample cards, artwork, stills from the filming of the Zombie Boot Camp movie, vids and more. And when it comes to zombies, more is ALWAYS better!

The Latest Buzz: "Another Rotten Night" Street Release Date Announced!

May 10, 2012

"Another Rotten Night", Book 2 in the nailbiting, action-packed, horror-comedy Graveyard Shift series, will hit stores, streets and back alleys on JUNE 30th... just two short months away! Check out the *OFFICIAL* Another Rotten Night page for details, release party info and a sneak peak at Chapter One!

The Latest Buzz: Gamestorm 14 Convention Roundup!

March 28, 2012

We were never there! You can't prove it! You CAN'T!!! Unless, of course, you read the full report on our News page.

The Latest Buzz: Horror Rules Nominated for Gaming Genius Award

June 30, 2011

Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game was tapped as a nominee for Best Game in the Gaming Genius - Fan Awards category. Thanks to all our dedicated and slightly deranged HR gamers for this honor!

March 2012 - Gamestorm 14 Roundup

Once more into the breach, dear friends, kicking, screaming and going insane... yes, it must have been time again for Vancouever, WA's very own Gamestorm! As usual, we played Horror Rules 'til it hurt... everyone else. ;) Matt McCay was on hand this year providing excellent service, we met lots of cool people, blasted zombies with the shooting gallery and dropped the axe on a record number of passersby with our "Let's go check out that scary cabin in the woods" Demo game. It was our most successful con, most interest ever... thanks to all who came, saw, spent and died (not necessarily in that order). Here are some quick highlights:

  • A daring group of job hunters entered the vicious yet unseeming confines of a totally innocent condiment research facility in Bad Science. As it turns out, they didn't get the job, but they DID discover that the place was a secret bio-weapons research facility. What tipped them off? When the mutated creature pulled the Propellorhead up into the air duct, then everyone ran away leaving the Con just standing there to get torn apart. That was pretty much the tip-off. The others made it, but not before a lot of screaming and bleeding. And that's NOT ketchup... (The good news is, you can download this script FREE, just click here.
  • Horror Rules Survivor cleaned house... literally! This year's event was "House 2 - Renovation From Hell". In a rare but not unusual turn of events, Player Alex Warren returned from the dead to make it into the final round... then lost the final vote by ONE vote! Ouch. And to a Horror Rules newbie, nonetheless. Double ouch. Horror Rules hurts. Also along the way two dogs were poofed into ash and destroyed. That's why you don't bring pets on a Horror Rules Survivor.
  • "The Dwellers Beneath" showed why if your name is Earl, you shouldn't be given a shotgun. Trapped on an oil derrick in the middle of a thunderstorm miles out at sea is NO time to pick up a bodysnatching deep sea predator, either. Combine these two and you get an unwarranted number of Players whacking each other, waving weapons and then, ultimately, letting the darn critter go with a noble Earl-centered line of "Works for me." Sheesh. Where's Bruce Willis when you need him?!
  • "The Non-Denominational Christian Larp" once more rocked the Sunday morning crowds! It was another typical CFG worship service, with nefarious Choir Directors, Evil Spirits, Bounty Hunters and (gasp) the Bake Sale Coordinator! Great discussions on church, what it means and why we do it followed. As usual, this event is very much blessed and we can't thank the participants enough. It's a real blast (in more ways than one).

October 2011 - The 7th Annual Horror Rules Mini-Con

You may have heard it - the screaming, the dying, the panic, the annoying buzz of the vampire whistels (you have to watch the video to get that one - check out our FB page for that and other disturbing yet humorous images)... that can only mean one thing: it's Horror Rules Mini-Con time again! This year's con is history (as are many of the participants), but you can check out all the action in this mini-con mini-recap! Here are some quick highlights:

  • The mini-con sported a record 41 in attendance, with folks coming from Oregon, Seattle area, Spokane and Tri-Cities. Most were maimed and driven insane, including Corey Leingang with a -19 Grip.
  • Our game offerings expanded to embrace board and card games for the first time and it was a hit, with plenty of Horror Rules action still to go around and many Stupid Things Points awarded (and rightfully so). Players battled sanity and monsters from turn of the century finishing schools to rock concerts to Medieval villages to haunted cruise ships to the far reaches of space and were devoured, driven insane, killed by other players, blown up, fried, possessed, infected, infested, pierced with arrows and eaten by vampiric wolves. And that's the short list.
  • The BIG Horror Rules Survivor "Hunt or Die" was another wild ride, as Characters mobbed up to deal with the local vampire. Not only did it end with tragedy, it actually started with it as well with the mayor's daughter, the only vampire hunter and a good an noble peasant all dying first round thanks to the delusional town seer. The winner, Thomas Shaw, became the first to ever win without making the customary end of game "pick me" speech: primarily because he was mute (told you it would come back to haunt you, Thomas!) unfortunately unable to complete his speech nor pantomime since he was pinned to the floor by rubble. He won anyway in a surprise coup over his more noble companion. Never underestimate the pity vote!
  • Another brand new Character Type - the Ditz - made her debut and from all indications lived up to her reputation. There were a record number of high pitched giggles, vacant smiles and air-headed assumptions made by Players. In a related item, there were also a record number of Ditzes killed.
  • In the end, fun was had by all. Contests were won, prizes awarded and laughs and joys and pains shared by the group. In the final tally, the only loser was the site: it was too small to contain all this fun! Next year, we're moving up by resounding popular demand and loud acclaim. The hue and cry has been raised and heard: the Horror Rules Mini-Con will be mini no longer. Stay tuned for news for next year's bigger, better, badder, louder and prouder Horror Rules MEGA Con! Thanks to everyone for everything you give. God bless!

March, 2011 - Chris Weedin to Write Midnight Snack Screenplay

Crucifiction Games author Chris Weedin has entered an agreement with A Ferris Wheel Films to write the screenplay for the upcoming movie adaptation of his five-star horror-comedy novel Midnight Snack! The screenplay is well underway and promises to be as much rollicking, horrific fun as a barrel full of vampires in a stake shooting gallery! Stay tuned for more news...

March 2011 - Gamestorm 13 Roundup

Congrats to GS13 for their first-ever 1,000 plus attendees year! CFG was proud to be on hand in Vancouever, WA, for Gamestorm, our favorite gaming con. We introduced the con to our Zombie Shooting Gallery, ran demos and played Horror Rules 'til it hurt... literally. Here are some quick highlights:

  • Wild West met superheroes in a knock-down dragout duel of titans in the "Cowboys and Capes" version of Horror Rules (yes, it's crazy - see the "Horror Worlds" book for details). The valiant Protectors did battle with the (almost) unstoppable Tatonka, Buffalo Warrior. When the smoke cleared, Bronco, Ms. Black, Kitty-Kitty Bang-Bang and the rest of the caped cowboys had claimed the victory... "Buffalo Style!" (Don't ask.)
  • Horror Rules Survivor collected 17 victims before the last man was left standing in "Widow Darling's Mine of Doom". John Shaw won the victory with his character "Tripping Bear", but only after dodging dynamite, out-gambling zombies, outrunning critters of darkness and navigating mine car death traps. He was helped by his fellow contestants who racked up a record-breaking seven consecutive combat Flubs in one Round, resulting in 2 self-inflicted wounds, a dropped gun and a couple of near misses on other characters... who were in different rooms!
  • "The Wrath of Con" saw seven brave souls save the world from becoming the plaything of an ancient world-sucking Old One... but not before many of them went screaming mad or were devoured. If you want to see what it looks like, check out Erich McNaughton's rendition of the Madness Dance. His Character suffered a temporary insanity and he gibbered and pranced singing "Nani nooni nani" for 5 minutes straight. It's impressive, but it ain't pretty. The game also saw a Horror Rules first when a Character used his own body as a weapon - all 600 lbs of it! Yup, he just laid right down on the Bad Guys. "Can I do that?!" Bubba asked. "Sure," we said. He was 600 lbs and his name was Bubba. We weren't gonna tell him no.
  • CFG rocked the LARP community with the first ever "Non-Denominational Christian Larp". We had people rolling around on the floor fighting, angels and demons battling over souls, shouting and waving of guns... you know, the typical worship service. Lots of great discussions and spiritual conversations followed. We can't wait for next year...

November, 2010 - Midnight Snack... the Movie!

Crucifiction Games author Chris Weedin has signed a movie option deal with A Ferris Wheel Films for the rights to his novel Midnight Snack! A Ferris Wheel Films, a movie production company located in London, England, is now in conversations with studios to secure a production deal for a major motion picture adaptation of the fan-favorite horror-comedy book. Way to go, Weedin!

October 2010 - The 6th Annual Horror Rules Mini-Con

It was a hit - just ask us! Or shoot, ask anyone who was there... cuz there were plenty! With a record attendance, a record loss of Grip (thanks to Adam DiGleria and Rulekeeper Marc Levad who engineered an amazing 30 POINT drop) and a record number of zombies, this con will go down in history as the biggest and baddest. Until next year, of course. We overcame toilet disasters, broke furniture, freaked out, flipped out, screamed our lungs out and all-in-all had an awesome time playing everyone's favorite little horror-comedy RPG (and other games). Many many thanks to all who came and died and ate and played and died and shopped and died and won door prizes and contests and died to make this mini-con a truly amazing experience. Also, a few people died. Mark your calendars for next year, folks!

July 2010 - Midnight Snack Movie Options Contract

It's in the works, folks! A Ferris Wheel Films out of London, England has offered up a contract to purchase the movie rights for Midnight Snack. The plan is to pitch it to the major studios, basing the whole project around a horror-comedy trilogy. Negotiations are under way. Stay tuned for more details soon! We're thinking Chris Evans as Carson Dudley... is it too early? We don't think so!!

June 2010 - Horror Rules Goes Electrum

Everyone's favorite little horror comedy roleplaying game joins the ranks of the... er... whatever color electrum is... games as it becomes an official ELECTRUM PICK at! The award is based on sales figures and couldn't make us happier. Thanks to all the HR fans and demented devotees that put us over the top!

March 2010 - Gamestorm

CFG appears at Gamestorm, the Pacific Northwest's premiere gaming convention in Vancouver, WA. Plenty of horror-comedy mayhem, blood curdling terror and wet-your-pants, nail-biting scares to go around!

December 2010 - Borders, Yakima Book Signing

Chris Weedin, author of Midnight Snack, appears at the Yakima, WA Borders for a book signing. Pop in, grab a book, get ink on it and press the flesh with the horror comedy creator of the Graveyard Shift series. Borders serves espresso, too; there's always that.

October 2009 - Midnight Snack Street Release!

The first book in the brand new horror comedy novel series from CFG hits the streets! Midnight Snack: Graveyard Shift, the Adventures of Carson Dudley Book 1 goes live on Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and other places where people buy books and things like books. The world will never be the same.