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Crucifiction Games - A Swell Little Company

Crucifiction Games is an independant publishing company dedicated to the creation of fine roleplaying games and game-related products. Founded in the year 2000, our flagship product is the five-star horror-comedy roleplaying game "Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game." Other products include novels, PDF miniature skirmish games, supplements and expansions. Not limited to sitting in our mom's basement cranking out gamer stuff, we also keep up an active social life, delivering presentations, entertaining, providing training and game demos to schools, youth groups, libraries, conventions and community groups. Our high quality, highly entertaining and innovative products are available for sale from a variety of retailers and distributors.

Plus, they rock. No kidding. Just try one out. Even just a little one. You'll see. Rock. R-O-C-K. ROCK!! ROOOOOOOOOCK!!!

What's In a Name?

Many people ask us: "What's with the name? Are you guys Chrisitans or... like... NOT Christians?!" If you're one of those people, then wonder no more! We are indeed Christians, and we publish fictional games and books - Crucifiction instead of Crucifixion (the proper spelling). The name of our company defines both what we do and who we are (clever, eh?).

Many other people ask us: "Do you make Christian games?" The answer to this one is just as simple: no. We don't make Christian games, we're just Christians who make games. You don't need to be Johnny Bible-Thumper in order to play or appreciate our products - just a person who likes to sit down for a great game once in awhile. Dig?! If you want to know more or are looking for answers to some of life's questions, or just want to tell us who you are, drop us a line. We'd love to talk. If not, just play. Either way, God bless and thanks for enjoying our stuff! Now get out there and LIVE!

We Are CFG - Hear Us Roar

Chris Weedin - Owner/Boss/Lead Writer/Zombie Master

Kim Weedin - Co-Owner/Editor in Chief

Chris Caprile - Lead Artist/Buffy Trivia Master

Sonya Smith - Public Relations