Currently in development

Tales of Kezemeth: Fantasy Roleplaying Redefined

Tales of Kezemeth is the flagship fantasy product from Crucifiction Games. More than 10 years in the making, this epic RPG sets out with the goal of nothing less than totally redefining the genre. With a focus on realism, fluidity and well-managed chaos, the system fearlessly takes on the rules-heavy and stodgy stereotypes of today's mainstream fantasy games and dares to re-imagine a world where play is fast, fun, gritty and realistically hard-hitting.

Forget Everything You Know About Fantasy RPG's

Tales of Kezemeth features a host of genre-bending, mold-breaking concepts. No more Hit Points. No more Levels. No more 18 Strength. What takes their place? Bold, fresh, realistic new concepts such as:

  • Real-Time Combat
  • Bids and Bargains: players set their own difficulties or bargain for automatic success... if they're willing to pay the price
  • Real life Traumas and injuries (no more hit points!)
  • Open Character Concepts
  • Descriptive character Stats and Skill Ranks: be Burly, Agile and Skilled, not just a number
  • Four complete and unique systems of Powers
  • Hero Points, Style Points and Renown
  • Peril Cards, Travel Hazards, Boons, Life Threads and other story builders
  • Over Thirty detailed Skills, each with Techniques and Advanced Techniques
  • A truly massive, deeply imagined and cohesive world of unexplored lands, fearsome foes and epic conflict

A Serious Game For Serious Gamers

Tales of Kezemeth is currently in production. Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, concept art and open beta-testing applications.