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Insider Secret #1:
All backgrounds for the zombie cards were photographed in the designer's home town of Selah, WA to simulate the small town feel of Pittsville.

Insider Secret #2:
Did you know... the zombie outbreak in Pittsville was caused by one of the characters from Chris Weedin's novel "Another Rotten Night"! Do you know him? Here's a hint - he's got his very own card in Relentless...


The Card Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage and Lots and Lots of Shooting


Want action?! Want mayhem? Want nail-biting tension?! Want to run around scrounging for ammo and whatever else you can dig up that might help save your miserable hide in a zombie-infested wasteland?! Or better yet... wanna BE the zombies?! If any of that tickles your fancy, then you're in luck - or at least, you're in Pittsville...

Welcome to Pittsvile

Not such a bad place... until the Zompocalypse hit. Now everyone is either dead, green or heading for the hills, leaving you as the only eligible edible brain for 100 miles. Your only hope is to fix up an old broken down jeep and high tail it out of there before the wormsuits mob you. If you can dig up enough spare parts, ammo and courage, you just might make it out alive. So get out there, start scroungin' and don't stop shootin'! Or, throw in with the zombies and race to shut down all the escape routes before the human can make his getaway. Just keep jamming corpses in there until you dogpile your dinner - then open up the brain buffet! Either way, pick a side and get a move on, because if it's one thing you can say about these rampaging, ravenous undead, they're... RELENTLESS!

What the Madness Is All About

Relentless is a 2 (or more) player card game simulating a zombie uprising in the remote rural town of Pittsville, AZ. The Human Player controls the sole survivor of the uprising and attempts to escape the zombie-infested town by repairing a broken down jeep and burning rubber out of there. The zombies, controlled by the Zombie Player, attempt to stop him by cutting off the three escape routes that lead safely out of town.

  • Quick to learn, easy to play
  • Fast-paced, action packed
  • Packed with cool artwork and witty banter
  • Great for beginners or veterans
  • Multiple Modes of Play: Co-op, Team, Solo, Scenarios
  • Ties in with Chris Weedin's Another Rotten Night!

Drive Thru Cards Print on Demand Budget Version

A bargain at $15.99 (+ S&H) it includes all the brain-savory goodies listed below:

  • Plastic Box for Storage
  • Human Deck (70 cards)
  • Zombie Deck (62 cards)
  • Rules with Solo and other Variants


Bag O' Bits

What's that you say? You picked up the Basic Set or the print on demand version at Drive Thru Cards and NOW you want the cool bits and counters to go with?! No sweat! Feast your red-rimmed zombie peepers on this Bag O' Bits deal! Just $3.99 (+ S&H) catches you up (almost) to the Deluxe Box! (Note: if you already own the Deluxe Box, don't buy this unless you plan to eat it. You already own it. Also, you can't eat it. So If you have the DBE, don't buy it. But if you don't have it, buy it - it's TOTALLY handy!)

  • 1 Panic Counter
  • 4 FUD Counters
  • 5 Bullet Hit Tokens
  • Hit/Miss Flipper
  • Plastic Storage Baggie


Video Demos

Don't take our word for it (you shouldn't trust anyone during the Zompocalypse anyway) - check out the slick video demos below for a quick overview of game play, card layouts and function for both Human and Zombie and a little fun we had at the Yakima Zombie Walk. Be sure to watch Zombie Boot Camp and the Zombie Response Team Vids too. They won't help you with the game, but you'll be glad you did. Slightly sickened, but still glad.

Video #1: Demo in the Dungeon - Short
Video #2: Deck Demo - Human
Video #3: Deck Demo - Zombie
Video #4: Ask a Zombie - Do you like Relentless?
Video #5: Zombie Response Team - F.U.D.
Video #6: Zombie Boot Camp

Relentless Achievements!

Want even MORE fun with the Zompocalypse?! Sure you do! So try out some of these nifty and nasty Relentless Achievements! Download the pdf and take a peek at these challenging and tricky in-game achievements. While they don't have any effect on winning and losing, they're deadly fun - see if you can do 'em all!

Download Relentless Achievements PDF

Variants & Deviants

Spice up your game by playing with one of our sure fire jam-the-terror-and-mayhem-and-fun-to-a-whole-new-level Variants and Deviants! You'll be glad you did. Your opponent may not, but hey, it's the Zompocalypse. And if you think of some good ones yourself, be sure to email them to us at If we like 'em up here at Crucifiction Games HQ, we'll post them on the Website!

Download Variants and Deviants PDF

Sample Zombie Cards

Meet some of the town! Oh, sure, they're not as friendly as they used to be, but they'll still invite you in for a bite... Introducing "Daisy Duke", "the Hick" and everyone's favorite "Junkyard Bill"! Earn more zombies by supporting the Kickstart!

Sample Human Cards

Just some of the few things you might find lying around the street... as you race around dodging the ravenous undead, madly scrounging whatever you can put your hands on. Oh yeah - just another day in Pittsville. I'll take the caffeine NOW, thanks...

Heroes of Pittsville

In the ongoing battle to save Pittsville from the relentless zombie hordes, many citizens have distinguished themselves, providing services above and beyond the call of duty. With sacrifice and courage they have tirelessly worked to promote the town (and the game!). We are proud to recognize the blood, sweat and tears of the following Relentless MVP's. Your fellow Survivors salute you! (P.S. If you think YOU deserve an award, shoot us an email at and give us the details. The next hero could be YOU!)


Marksmanship Award
For posting 10 or more excellent questions, suggestions or gaming tips in a forum in a single week.

Duct Tape and Bailing Wire Award
For hand crafting amazingly cool and useful homebrew gaming bits, components or cards.

Reward Status
10% Discount on all Relentless products and merchandise