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10th ANNUAL Horror Rules Mini-Con!
October 23-25th
Yakima WA

Roleplaying, Board Games, Card Games, Prizes, Contests and more!

Now In Proud Partnership With (and Hosted By) the Central City Comic Con!!

Registration Now Open... Free with Admission to the Central City Comic Con!

For the first time ever, the Horror Rules Mini-Con will be hosted by Central Washington's PREMIERE comic-and-nerd-con! We're totally stoked about the possibilities and can't wait to spread the horror (and the games!) to a whole new crowd... while still keeping that same old Horror Rules feel for our loyal fans and con-goers.

Stay tuned for more details on this epic team-up! But for now, get registered for the Central City Comic Con and also get in free to the Mini-Con!

What IS the Horror Rules Mini-Con?!

Horror Rules logo Gaming, Gaming, Gaming!
What games, you ask?! Why, all of 'em! We'll have open gaming tables and a gaming library with board games, card games, roleplaying games and more! Check one out or bring your own, we dare you! Scheduled sessions for Horror Rules will be available for sign up and eligible for contests and prizes. Free play tables will be available for reservation.

Zombie Shooting Gallery Zombie Shooting Gallery
What better way to kill time between events than to kill zombies?! Try your hand at zombie-blasting in this just-for-fun electronic shooting range where the rounds are live and the targets are dead. Featuring real lasers!

Lottery of Death Lottery of Death
All Mini-Con attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a convention-long event: the Lottery of Death! You will all become citizens of Las Calamas and run for your lives from a horrific creature and/or axe-weilding homicidal maniac.  Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. Okay, that was a lie. It's awful. But hey... at least someone wins a prize!!

Horror Rules Mini-Game Logo Horror Rules Tactical Terror Tournament
Jump into the guns-blazing, pants-wetting, zombie-blasting, no-holds-barred world of Horror Rules miniatures gaming with the annual Mini-Con Tactical Terror Tournament! Take our nifty paper minis for a spin against your buddies and gun for the top prize. As usual, don't worry about bringing a chainsaw, we've got you covered...

Contest Prizes Contests for Winners... and Losers
Plenty of contests to challenge your wits, creativity and ability to lose Characters, including everyone's favorites "Dare to Be Stupid", "Death Race," "Death Scenes" and more! Get your name on the leader boards for life! And in many cases, for death...

Special Deals and Sales Special Deals
Stock up on your favorite Horror Rules goodies and gaming stuff, just in time for Halloween... and get 'em cheap with special offers and convention-only deals!

Vendor Alley
RPG retailers will be on-site with everything the Gamer Geek craves: games, comics, dice, collectibles and other goodies!

Horror Rules Survivor Logo The Slam-Bang Horror Rules Survivor BIG Finish
If you haven't had enough carnage yet, this baby will be your last chance. The grand finale of the Mini-Con and, as always, guaranteed to kill practically everyone! Test your wits and grits against this massively multiplayer Horror Rules slaughterfest and see if you can be the last one standing... and win the prize!

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