Horror Rules Mini-Games: Printable Horror Miniatures Skirmish Rules Paper Forge Miniatures

Horror Rules Mini-Games: Printable Horror Miniatures Skirmish Rules

Horror Rules Mini-Games provide all the fun and mayhem of the original pencil and paper roleplaying game, but make it even easier and quicker to play. Plus, it's cheaper. A LOT cheaper! Included in this Mini-Game is everything you need to play, including Paper Forge Minis, maps, weapons and item counters and more - just print and go! Use the more than 60 Horror Markers to simulate the challenges, dangers, perils and scares of a monster-infested woods/city/cemetery/playground, and change the mix to make a different game every time. You pick the size, scope, number of pieces and even the goal of each game. The Horror Rules Mini-Game system is flexible and fully customizable, great for veteran gamers, kids, families, parties or as a way to introduce new players to the wonders of gaming. Play it solo or with others in cooperative or head-to-head play. Games take as little as 5 minutes and can easily be played during a coffee break or lunch time. With endless variations and Styles of Play, you can create whatever gaming environment you like, from a simple tabletop boardgame to a full-blown RPG!

Everything You Need To Play... and More!

Each game is packed with cool, full-color miniatures and other goodies that bring the thrill of whichever nightmare you happen to be in alive. Inside these pages you'll find:

  • Paper Forge Character Minis: 6 complete Horror Rules Characters, each with Stats and Skills
  • Paper Forge Bad Guy Minis: a full page of fearsome baddies, complete with Stats and Powers
  • Map of Rotten Wood: 8 pages of maps; use them alone or together to build a master map
  • Horror Markers: More than 60 counters packed with challenges, hazards, weapons, items, perils and frights
  • Rule Spins: A dozen Rule Spin cards to add endless variation and spice to your Mini-Game
  • Bad Guy Power-Ups: Jack up your Bad Guys with these disgusting but guaranteed-to-please boosters
  • Rules: All the instructions you need to make the mayhem happen

But the fun doesn't stop there - the Paper Forge Character and Bad Guy Minis are fully compatible with Horror Rules the RPG, with Stats and Skills printed right on the back. Use them to play the Mini-Game, the full RPG or any other modern roleplaying game. The 8-pg map can be used in HR as well or whatever game you choose. AND... all Horror Rules Mini-Games are fully interchangable, meaning you can combine/swap/mix/mingle all the different components to make a massively wicked multiple Mini-Game miniature skirmish extravaganze of mayhem! Wow. Try sayin' THAT 3 times fast. Now try surviving it...

Two Games In One

We just can't stop givin'! Included in this download are two complete sets of rules, enough to fit every taste.

Basic Rules: Play Co-Op or Even Solo!

A quick, simple board game with fast setup, plenty of action and thrills and tremendous variation. Use the Horror Markers to make every game exciting and different. Play by yourself or with a pal. That's right... by yourself! Finally a fun monster-blasting game you can play solo! The game packs easily and can be taken on trains, spy planes, subways, your mom's basement or even a convenient Jack in the Box for you to enjoy during lunch or while fleeing a natural disaster. Go on - live a little!

Skirmish Rules: PvP Mayhem!

Shift it up a notch to the Skirmish rules and it's full-out tabletop war! Pit your heroic and resourceful Characters against not-so-heroic and ravenous beasties in a knock-down drag-out no-holds-barred free-for-all. Skirmish Markers include standard Horror Rules weapons with full Horror Rules stats. Grab a buddy, pick your minis and equipment and let the action begin! Or, for some really wicked fun, whip up a few scenarios for your pals and put them through the meat grinder in a campaign style RPG setting. With the Mini-Games and your brain, anything is possible. Even fun!

You Pick: Zombies, Vampires... or Both!

Both of these starter sets include everything listed above and are fully compatible and interchangable. Just grab a game, print your pieces and you're ready to rumble.

Rotten Wood: Horror Rules Mini-Game #1

Something Rotten This Way Comes

There's something rotten in the woods tonight - and it ain't your franks and beans! The dead are on the move, and it's up to you to put a stop to it. So grab your shotgun, fire up the chainsaw and get ready for some good old-fashioned zombie-hunting... Horror Rules style!

Bad Blood: Horror Rules Mini-Game #2

The City That Bites... AND Sucks!

The vampires have always been, lurking quietly in the darkened streets, killing only when they had to, their existence a carefully guarded secret. Then something happened... no one knows exactly what, but now the bloodsuckers have lost control and unleashed their wrath on the defenseless and terrified city. So grab your stakes and holy water and get ready for some good old-fashioned vampire-hunting... Horror Rules Mini-Game style!