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Horror Rules, the Simply Horrible Role-Playing Game

You'll DIE Laughing!

A fun, fast paced, easy-to-learn horror comedy roleplaying game, Horror Rules is a great way to lose your marbles (or your life) and keep your sense of humor! Based on popular horror movies such as Zombieland, Slither and 8-Legged Freaks and packed with all your favorite characters, cliches and cut-ups, it's great for experienced and novice gamers alike. Liven up any party or just kill a few hours with your friends (or just kill your friends). Even non-gamers will find it a fun read and an excellent addition to any horror collection. The Horror Rules basic rulebook is packed with 100pgs of scare-your-pants-off fun... and has everything you need to play and more! With plenty of action, scares and tongue-in-cheek fun, it's guaranteed to make you DIE laughing...

Put the "Ho Ho Ho" In Horror

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream, you'll die - a lot. Horror Rules is geared to recreate those classic moments of cinematic terror that make you squeal like a little girl, but with a decidedly tongue-in-cheek twist. The rules are light and flexible and expertly tweaked to bring out the creepy and the comic in every situation. With features like Panic Reactions, Combat Flubs and the ever popular Degrees of Death (it ain't dead until someone pokes it with a stick), you'll be laughing all the way to the morgue!

Go Postal, Pee Your Pants, Lose Your Mind

Keep your grip on reality with handy Grip Points. Check your Grip against Startles, Scares, Freaks or even the dreaded Flip Out and watch it slowly (or quickly) slip away. But don't worry, when your Grip is gone, you're not out, you're just more interesting! Failure can mean anything from a fainting spell to loss of bladder control to going postal and coming back for your friends - with a chainsaw! Of course, they're probably not you're friends anymore at that point...

All Your Favorite Characters

What would horror movies be without all those crazy stereotypes we love so much?! The ruthless suits, the heroic everyman, the bimbo, the bratty teenagers, they're all here! Choose from all your favorite Character Types: daring Action, snobbish VIP's, brilliant Labcoats, quirky Propellorheads, devious Cons, or the ever-popular and surprisingly resilient Regular Joe. Each Character Type has a unique Character Power to give you that slight edge you need to survive (for a few more minutes). Watch your Action Character leap across the room to save a pal from certain death, or your Con disappear and save himself when the going gets tough, or the Regular Joe... well, watch the Regular Joe look the other way. Don't laugh - in Horror Rules, that can save your life.

Do Stupid Things, Earn Points

At last! A game that rewards your stupidity! The process is simple: do something stupid, get a Stupid Thing Point. Get enough (and live) and trade them in on a Luck or Second Thought Points to save your bacon later on. So go ahead - stick your head in that hole, investigate that strange noise, wander off in the woods by yourself. You KNOW you want to...

Endless Styles of Play

Packed with numerous Styles of Play, Horror Rules can be quickly and easily tweaked to suit every taste. Play with or against your friends or both in the same session! Great for everything from parties to campaign play, the game can be played in as little as 1 hour... or for days! Try "Stars," "Point of No Return," "Limited Victims," "Friends Like These," "Bad Apple," or the unforgettable and ever-popular "Dare To Be Stupid." And, with our Horror Worlds supplements, you can even play Horror Rules in fantasy, superhero or even Wild West settings. Now THAT's entertainment!

Innovative and Pulse-Pounding Rules - Get Pulled Right Into the Movies... Kicking and Screaming!

You've played games where a bad dice roll can spell trouble - but how many games have you played where a slow roll can kill you?! Panic Rolls are just one of the twisted features in Horror Rules that are guaranteed to keep your pulse pounding and your palms sweating. Thanks to this and other creative rules such as Plot Pushers and Dead-lines, you'll never feel safe at the gaming table again. And you thought the movies were scary...

Full Product Line Support

All you need to play is the core rulebook... but what fun is that?! We've got all the extra bonus goodies you need to keep the horror comedy parade marching on, from books of adventure scripts to terrorize your friends to brand new settings and world books! Plus, printable Insanity Cards, Character Powers, Ready-to-Die Characters and more. Check out the shop for all the stuff that's good to get. Keep a napkin handy.