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Horror Rules Script Builder Form - It's BIGGER! It's BADDER! Best of all, it REALLY helps you wipe out Characters! The new and improved Script Builder is now available for download. Built in MS Word format (also compatible with OpenOffice) this quick and easy template takes interactive user input and will help you whip up your own adventure Scripts in no time! Very special thanks to Eric Gutzwiler for improving the basic Script Builder to this new super cool format! Of course, we'll have to destory him next time he plays HR with us because he showed us up on our original form, but at least his name is on the Interwebs now. Great job, Eric!

Print N' PlayHorror Rules Adventure Scripts

These print n' play scripts are yours for the taking. So go ahead, take all you want! Download 'em, play 'em, share 'em with your friends, make paper hats out of 'em and dance around in the yard, we don't care! As long as you scare someone occasionally, we won't get picky. Of course, you need the Horror Rules core rulebook to actually play them, but once you've got that, no one can stop you (cue evil laughter).

  • The Umquali Terror - A dark cult plots to bring an even darker master to Earth. Set in the Canadian boonies, full of brooding evil, hooded weirdos, stalking creatures and other cheerful Lovecraftian-type themes.
  • The Church on the Hill - An ages old tragedy lives on in a small rural town, where malicious ghosts roam at will and plot the downfall of it's beleaugered pastor. The heart of the mystery lies in the sinister hauntings of the little white church on the hill...
  • The Devil's Box - "Whatever you do, don't let HIM get it..!" With these mysterious words, a frantic stranger leaves the characters with a strange red box and a load of questions. But as the walls start bleeding, slugs fall from the sky and dark-robed thugs draw closer, folks are pretty sure they don't want to know the answers. And always in their dreams, the tall, cloaked figure looms closer and closer. The Devil is coming for what's his...
  • Dark Waters - A pleasure cruise turns sour as the crew takes on a load of survivors from a sinking research station - and the deep-sea creature that destroyed it. Now it's bent on doing the same to the good ship Agamemnon, and the Cuban terrorists aren't making things any easier. After this cruise, the PC's will really need a vacation...
  • Artifact - Sometimes things are buried for a reason. When dayhikers stumble upon the strange remains of an ancient, long-buried settlement in the hills of Las Calamas, CA, the characters are unwittingly plunged into a terrifying and mysterious tale. As archeology students at the nearby University of Las Calamas, the excavation falls to them - as do the prowling undead, powerhungry sorcerors and bizarre, unearthly phenomena that surround all who enter the dig. But the real fun starts when they find the artifact...
  • Another Day At the Mall - As employees in the super-collossal mega-big Mall of the West, the characters think they've seen it all - until the zombies break out of the Makeup World Outlet and try to eat them. But as the sign over the mall entrance reads, "THE FUN NEVER STOPS!" Before the day is done, they'll face a ruthless corporate coverup, merciless security guards, a top-secret bioresearch lab and all the freak-painted undead they can possibly stand. But after all is said and done, it's just another day at the mall...
  • Yodel-lay-he-whodunnit? - What could be better than a weekend retreat to a private ski lodge in the Swiss Alps owned by a billionaire software tycoon? Pretty much the same thing, except for the person who's trying to brutally murder you. Someone in the group doesn't quite have all their icecubes in the tray, and they're making it a personal mission to be king of the hill - the messy, permanent way. Better find out - and fast - or else this is one vacation you'll come home from truly dead.
  • Bad Science - During a routine visit to a perfectly harmless and ordinary top-secret military research lab, the characters are plunged into a harrowing and potentially day-ruining mishap. A power failure triggers the accidental release of a deadly genetically engineered monster designed to infiltrate enemy installations and destroy all life. Right now, that means the PC's. Now THAT's bad science.
  • Old Harry - Sneaking away for a weekend getaway in the scenic Vermont countryside is almost guaranteed to bring a run-in with the supernatural. The PC's should just plain know better! Before the weekend is through, they'll face betrayal, murder, mystery and the ghosts of the past - literally. If they can't unravel the secret of Old Harry, they won't live long enough to worry about tipping the bellboy.
  • Whisper Falls - A couple of nights in a remote forest cabin in the company of good friends is just what you need. What you DON'T need is a horde of mindless undead trying to make a buffet out of you all. Toss in a bizarre prophecy, a cursed amulet, a little dark magic and you've got all the makings of one of the lousiest vacations ever. Of course, if you don't find Whisper Falls (and quick), it could get even worse...
  • Dead Heir - Where there's a will, there's a way... and where there's a will, a gigantic manor house, acres of land and a large fortune, there's often a bunch of murder, too. The death of wealthy aristocrat and landowner William the Tryster has everyone in the kingdom talking, especially his many potential illegitimate offspring. The race is on to unravel the mystery and find the journal which will name the one true heir of this wealthy lord's worldly goods. But no one said the Middle Ages were easy - before the heir can claim her due, she must face wicked bandits, clever riddles, stinking passages, and, perhaps worst of all, her fellow would-be heirs. Some people would KILL to get their hands on a fortune like this...
  • Armageddon Wore a Pink Dress - Trouble is brewing in Major City. Someone has taken an interest in sewing mayhem and destruction, that much is for sure - but the real question is why? Is this a sinister force bent on world conquest or just some super-powered prankster who gets a kick out of knocking holes in buildings and setting fire to entire blocks? There's only one way for a group of Super-Types to find out the truth, and that's to jump into their tights and start sleuthing. Before they're done they'll uncover government secrets, mistaken identities, mysterious clues and perhaps the most earthshaking foe of all... the Little Girl!

Horror Rules Downloadable Gaming Aids

With these quick reference sheets and forms and other goodies, you'll look like a Rulekeeping pro in no time! We do all the work, you take the credit. But you better hurry... some of your Players are escaping.

  • Character Sheet - The classic, original Horror Rules victim Character Sheet, all blank and ready for you to fill in with all those important details you'll miss when you're driven insane or devoured.
  • Do-It-Yourself Script Form - This quick and easy template will help you whip up your own adventure Scripts in no time! Spots for Cast, Bad Guys, Chain of Events and all the other things that make a Script so deadly and horrifying. Just add imagination.
  • Character Creation Quicksheet - A single handy page with all the rules and charts you need to make Characters. Your Players will thank you! Until you start killing them. Then they'll whine a lot. Don't let it bug you - it's your job.
  • Player Guide Quicksheet - Do it all on one sheet: check Skills, make Attacks, find Panic Reactions, recover Grip. A one-page smorgasbord of rules for the professional Player.

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