"Your presentation was just perfect!! I had such a great time."
-- L. Winkler

"...lively, interactive, visually appealing and all around fun..."
-- A. Smart

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A polished, creative and energetic entertainer, Chris Weedin has delivered his quirky and off beat presentations for groups of all sizes and ages. An instant friend to his audience, Weedin's warmth and humor allow him to deliver powerful yet personal messages on a variety of subjects. A public speaker for over 15 years, Weedin has appeared before groups as varied as Kiwanis, McDonald's Corporation, AWANA Clubs, Gamestorm Convention and the Washington Association of Library Employees. The author is eager to speak at all types of engagements, whether formal or recreational, for all types of organizations and gatherings such as:

  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Business Meetings
  • Community Groups
  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Clubs
  • Retreats
  • Youth Rallies
  • Parties


As an author, game designer and entertainer, Chris Weedin has a wide variety of topics on which to draw. Typical presentations center around his life as an author and the topics he loves, including the writing/publishing process, gaming, education, movies and pop culture. Weedin also delivers timely, insightful and humorous presentations on all things supernatural, including the crowd pleasing send-up of vampire hunting lore "Sister Becky Bischoff's Guide to Hunting Vampires." Whatever the topic, the author always incorporates multimedia, props, humor and a healthy dose of audience participation to both engage and entertain his listeners. A speaker of broad interests and scope, Weedin is also prepared to develop custom presentations based on your organization's needs. A list of specific topics is available on request.