I'm still getting GREAT comments from customers about your author event... Thanks for being a rock star!
-- M. Lara, Borders Bookstore

Booking Info

Chris Weedin Book signing at Borders

Book Signings

Chris Weedin is always excited to appear for book signings at all sizes and varieties of shops, from indiependants to chain stores. At ease with crowds and fans, Weedin enjoys spending time with his readers and engaging in conversation, answering questions and listening to theories about the future of the Graveyard Shift series. Weedin also brings a variety of props, display pieces and other visuals that turn each signing into a true event and not just another author meet-n-greet. Assistance with publicity and marketing is available and additional materials may be provided. No booking fee is required, and transportation fees are negotiable depending on other bookings in the area. Please inquire to schedule a signing at your store.

Game Demos

An avid game player and author of more than 8 books and multiple game systems, from cards to RPG's, Chris Weedin loves to demo his work to new players. Appearances at game stores are engaging, lively events designed to draw crowds, bolster local business and fire up interest in Crucifiction Games products. More than just a casual sit-down-and-play session, game demo events with Chris Weedin are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Assistance with publicity and marketing is available and additional materials may be provided. Depending on your store's stock of Crucifiction Games merchandise, booking fees may be reduced or waived. Transporation fees are negotiable depending on distance and other bookings in your area. Please inquire to schedule a game demo for your store.

Convention Appearances

In addition to his speaking and demo sessions, Chris Weedin is always happy to appear at science fiction/fantasy, roleplaying, literary, gaming and other types of conventions, either as a headliner, guest of honor or guest of note. A standard honorarium and travel costs will bring him to your gathering, and in addition to speaking and autograph sessions, Weedin will present a variety of sessions and programs depending on your needs, from small groups to keynote address. See our scheduling page to check availability.

Chris Weedin at Inklings Bookshop Book Club

Book Clubs

Book Clubs, either private or sponsored by bookstores, make an ideal setting for an in-depth chat. Invitations to visit a book club will be evaluated by the author depending on location and schedule. It is often possible to book these visits without honorarium or travel costs. All participants should procure a copy of Chris Weedin's latest published work and read it in advance of the meeting. Groups should schedule a minimum of two hours of discussion.